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Home Heating Myths Debunked

Published by Jennifer Fletcher

Few components of a home have the same effect on your cost of living as the HVAC system. Maintaining comfort, especially during inclement weather, comes at a cost. Naturally, we aim to save money whenever possible. However, there are numerous myths surrounding the use and maintenance of a furnace. While these concepts may appear rational on the surface or even include a kernel of truth, blindly adhering to them might result in increased heating bills and excessive wear and tear on your equipment.

While there are many helpful recommendations for system care and maintenance available, some of the advice may be based on a widespread fallacy. Here are five myths about home heating that we’d like to bust!

Turning The Thermostat Up Will Heat The House Faster

Closing Vents Improves Furnace Efficiency

This assertion isn’t exactly true. Closing vents can actually damage ducts and cause pressure imbalances in your home. Your HVAC system is meant to heat your entire house via the ducting. Closing unused vents doesn’t reduce your furnace’s energy use; rather, your system will just adapt to the new situation. Closed vents can also cause air duct leaks, which can be costly to fix.

A Space Heater Is Cheaper

Space heaters are becoming increasingly popular as technological advances allow smaller units to produce more heat. Is it worth relying on them completely for your heating, however? Sadly, the answer is no. According to air conditioner service experts, eSpace heaters use a lot of electricity. It will likely use more than your fridge and dryer. Plus, you’ll only get heat in a very confined area surrounding the unit. Your furnace can heat your house much more efficiently!

Fireplaces Heat Homes Well

While spending the holidays cuddled up next to a fireplace may sound pleasant, fireplaces are often inefficient. Using a fireplace is actually one of the more expensive ways to heat a home. With the amount of firewood required to heat an entire house, the cost of doing so can be quite high if you have to buy the wood.

Ceiling Fans Are Just For Summer

If It’s Mid-December And Your House Is Chilly, You Might Not Think To Switch On Your Ceiling Fans. However, Many Ceiling Fans Have A Switch On The Side That Reverses The Direction Of Rotation. By Rotating Clockwise, The Fan Draws Cold Air Up While Forcing Hot Air Down, Which Will Help Make Your Home Warmer.

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