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What Causes High Humidity Even When the AC Is Running?

Published by Jennifer Fletcher

Did you know that dehumidification occurs as a functioning air conditioning system cools? Air conditioner repair experts, however, note that when the AC is no longer working as it should, high levels of humidity are very likely to occur. This can result in other issues such as inadequate cooling or hot spots. Here we discuss the causes of this problem and how you can properly fix it. 

The Common Causes

  • Certain daily activities are known to increase your home’s humidity levels. For example, cooking can contribute to excess humidity, primarily from the evaporated water that comes from using the kitchen stove and oven. Using the bathroom also contributes to high humidity levels, especially when you take hot baths and showers. Hence, the existence of ventilation fans in these areas.
  • Remember that if your HVAC system isn’t being cleaned effectively and on a regular basis, it can easily accumulate dust and dirt over time. Even with the air filter near the air handler that serves to prevent most debris, your unit’s components will still get dirty over time. This is also the reason why you have to check your unit’s condenser coils too. These are subject to different elements and can easily get dirty.

How You Can Dehumidify Your Home

As stated previously, when your unit is poorly maintained, dirt and debris can disrupt the refrigerant cycle and affect your system’s ability to dehumidify. What you can do is have it inspected and cleaned by a trained professional. Moreover, you can also have a whole-home dehumidifier installed to integrate your air conditioning system.

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