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Why Your AC’s Condensate Pan Is Overflowing

Published by Jennifer Fletcher

Your AC is considered an essential feature of your property. Understanding its components can be beneficial to ensure you’re able to maintain the system and avoid costly repairs.

AC's Condensate Pan Is Overflowing

The condensate pan, for instance, is designed to collect dripping condensation and carry it out of the unit through the drain line. For various reasons, the drip pan can overflow and wreak havoc on your AC. 

In this post, an air conditioning installation expert enumerates the common causes of an overflowing AC condensate pan.

Broken Pump 

A small amount of water in the AC drip pan is normal. This occurs when the moisture vapor turns into water as the warm air comes in contact with the cold coils. The water then travels through a small pipe, which carries it to the drip pan. The condensate pump turns on when it touches the water. If the condensate pump is broken, the water will overflow.

Fortunately, a condensate pump is relatively affordable. However, you’ll need to call a professional HVAC technician to install it.

Clogged Line 

A blocked drain line could be the culprit behind your overflowing drip pan. Algae and mineral deposits can accumulate in this component due to the continuous flow of condensate. The condensate cannot flow as expected when there is already a buildup of these deposits, causing it to back up and overflow from the drip pan. To solve the issue, an air conditioning and heating repair expert will recommend flushing it out with a pipe-cleaning solution.

Excessive Flow 

The drain line can remove excessive condensate at a specific rate. If the buildup of condensation is more than what the drain line can handle, this can cause the drip pan to overflow. This usually happens when there is a low refrigerant level, which causes ice to form on the evaporator coils. When the ice melts, it produces more water than the drain line can manage.

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