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Problems You May Run Into When You Have an Older AC Unit

Published by Jennifer Fletcher

You’ll know your air conditioning system is on its last legs if it isn’t providing adequate cooling the way it used to. However, there are other problems you may encounter with your home comfort equipment as it approaches the end of its serviceable life. Local air conditioner repair contractor Modern Air Solutions Inc. discusses some of them here.

 Older AC Unit

Increase in energy bills. An old, inefficient AC unit will use more energy than necessary to keep your home comfortable. While this can sometimes be resolved through maintenance, replacing the entire cooling system is highly recommended, especially if you’re dealing with increased utility bills. New AC equipment can be a significant investment, but it’s much more energy-efficient than an older system, and can help you save money in the long run.

Electrical failure. An aging cooling system may encounter electrical problems that can hinder its performance. Faulty wiring connections prevent internal components like the capacitor, compressor, fans and coils from working properly, leading to tripped circuit breakers and overall system failure. Get in touch with your local HVAC technician to look inside the unit and determine the electrical issue.

Refrigerant leaks. There are many ways to determine if an old AC system is leaking refrigerant. In addition to the air not feeling as cold as it should, you’ll likely hear hissing or gurgling noises coming from inside the unit. The air conditioner may also be taking longer to cool your house. Call your heating and cooling contractor to check whether the system’s refrigerant levels are depleted.

As a Carrier® Factory-Authorized Dealer, Modern Air Solutions Inc. adheres to meticulous processes which identify concerns, restore efficiency, minimize sound levels, protect air quality and promote greater reliability and lifespan. Let our air conditioner service professionals take on the work of keeping your cooling system in good condition. If we find that your current unit requires replacement, we can help you find ENERGY STAR®-rated options that can boost your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

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