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A Guide To Maintaining A Pest-Free HVAC System

Published by Jennifer Fletcher

Pests are constantly on the lookout for new hideouts. They’re capable of persistently invading your structures, even after previously being repulsed. Your HVAC system is a vital aspect of your home, and it’s easily contaminated. As pests grow and live inside the HVAC system, they can cause a variety of issues. They leave behind wings, corpses, hair and shells that will clog the air ducts, causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems within your family.

HVAC System

Here a heating repair expert shares the most common type of pests that can infiltrate a property’s HVAC system and the best technique to deter them.

The Most Common Pests That Can Get Into Your HVAC System

  • Mice – Mice Can Potentially Cause An Electrical Fire In Your HVAC System As Well As Pollute Your Air Ducts With Droppings, Rotten Food And Bacteria. Mice And Rats Love To Gnaw On Insulation, Sealants And Wiring.
  • Roaches – Damage To Your HVAC Equipment Isn’t The Primary Issue When Dealing With Roaches. The Presence Of A Roach In Your HVAC System, On The Other Hand, Raises Serious Concerns About Disease And Infection.
  • Ants – Entities such as ants are drawn to the electromagnetic field produced by a home’s air conditioning condenser. The actions of a single ant may not be sufficient to cause significant damage, but a colony of ants sure can.
  • Raccoons – It’s not uncommon for a raccoon to get into your HVAC system, where they can cause significant damage. Not only can they cause electrical issues, they can also obstruct the airflow in your vents.

How To Keep Your HVAC System Clear Of Pests

  • Call a pest control expert. Setting traps or calling a pest control service provider to eliminate bugs and animals from your HVAC system is your best option. A pest treatment company can use non-toxic pesticides to permanently eliminate pest problems.
  • Close ductwork gaps. Animals can damage ductwork by breaking seals in duct connections. Check your ducts for damage and seal exposed parts to keep pests out and save money by preventing air leaks.
  • Plan regular HVAC maintenance. Regular air cooling and heating service maintenance is the most efficient strategy to decrease pest problems. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that potential entry points are blocked, components are cleaned of dirt and any issues are addressed swiftly.  Help your HVAC system run efficiently to provide peace of mind!
  • Close vents and flues. Vents connect the interior and exterior of your home. It’s easy to keep pests out of your house by installing pest-proof vent covers and screens.
  • Keep your outdoor unit tidy. Pests are attracted to grass and plants surrounding outdoor units. Regular grass mowing and weeding can help prevent infestation. If you observe ants searching for food within the unit, clean it. If it has rained, make sure to dry out the AC unit.

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